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The need to use two masks for greater protection against corona

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that using a cloth mask in addition to a surgical mask significantly increases protection against particulate matter that causes the coronavirus to spread.

According to ISNA, the center published the results of its research on a variety of masks in the laboratory, which shows that the combination of two cloth masks and surgery significantly reduces the risk of spreading the virus to others or exposure to the virus.

According to the new recommendations of this center, people are asked to choose a mask that has a wire to properly hold the nose and seal it. The organization advises people to close all possible openings around the mask.


The organization also recommends that to prevent direct (unfiltered) air from passing through the edges of the mask, if necessary, tie the straps around the ear and smooth the two sides of the mask by hand so that air does not pass under it.

The CDC said that if you use professional N95 masks or masks with the same degree of protection, you no longer need to wear a cloth mask on it.

Experts say that wearing a cloth mask on a surgical mask closes the pores around the mask that do not sit right on the face much better.


According to the CDC study, only 42% of cough particles were blocked when only one surgical mask was used in laboratory tests. But adding a cloth mask to it blocked 92.5% of the particles released due to coughing.



According to the BBC, Dr John Brooks, a senior medical researcher and co-author of the new study, said: Studies of homes in Beijing, barber shops in Missouri and flights in Guam have shown that "wearing any mask is better than not wearing it."



"Wearing a mask reduces the spread of the virus, and in communities where masking is mandatory, the incidence is lower," he said.

Date Release : 2021/07/03
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