Sampling at home


The sampling procedure at home includes the steps of admission, sampling and response as follows:


1- Admission

Admission can be done in the following ways:


a) Phone call

This can be done by calling 77225566 and 77891717 ext. 108. It is necessary to send the image of the doctor's request through the WhatsApp application to 09102098144 in order to be accepted for the requested test. And the necessary explanations regarding the test conditions should be given by the laboratory to the applicant. 

Following the request by telephone, the address and landline number of the applicant will be registered and the number announced by the laboratory will be contacted immediately for confirmation. And the conditions of the test will be explained and the time of the sampler's presence at home will be coordinated. The cost of testing, sampling and other ancillary costs is calculated and while issuing the receipt, the applicant is informed and the laboratory card number is sent for deposit.

(It is not possible to pay cash to the sampler).


b) In-person visit with the applicant

Accompanied by the applicant, he goes to the laboratory with a doctor's prescription, and the admission staff conducts the admission according to the doctor's request.

And the necessary information regarding the test conditions will be transferred with him and the applicant's landline and address will be registered and the test fee will be received in the laboratory. And the time of presence of the sampler at home is determined by the laboratory.


c) Via message to WhatsApp application (09102098144)

After receiving the SMS of the applicant's request, the acceptance of the tests will be done and during the telephone call with the applicant or her companion, it will be done according to paragraph a.


2- Sampling


a) Based on the coordinated time for sampling, the sampler is obliged to be present at the sampling point of the applicant along with the labeled containers and possible equipment, while coordinating with the laboratory and recording the departure time.

Upon departure of the sampler from the laboratory, the reception staff is obliged to call the applicant's landline and inform the name and details of the sampler and the approximate time of her arrival at the sampling site to her or her companion.

b) The sampler introduces himself / herself when he / she arrives at the applicant's place and, after verifying the person's identity, performs the sampling After ensuring her favorable conditions, she transfers the samples to the laboratory as soon as possible and in accordance with the standard conditions.

The doctor's prescription is received by the sampler and the acceptance receipt is delivered to the applicant or with her.

Out-of-laboratory sampling costs include:

a) The cost of tests in accordance with the latest tariff for laboratory services approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

b) Sampling fee according to the address range recorded in the form of out-of-laboratory sampling information along with transportation costs.


3- Delivery of test results


The test results can be provided to the applicant as soon as possible in the following ways:

a) In person by presenting the receipt

b) View through the lab website (online response)

c) View via SMS link to the applicant's mobile number

d) Send by courier (the cost of sending by courier is with the applicant)



* It should be noted that in order to deliver the answer in the above cases, the applicant must not have any debt to the laboratory.