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The British Corona has been circulated in 28 provinces of Iran

The British Corona has been circulated in 28 provinces of Iran. The commander of Corona disease management operations in the metropolis of Tehran, stating that the corona mutant virus, or the British variant, has now circulated in 28 provinces of the country, warned of the increased dangers caused by this virus with the beginning of Nowruz travels.

According to the public relations report of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Alireza Zali stated on March 2021 about the condition of the corona in Tehran province: At present, the total number of patients admitted to the coronation wards is 2,414, which is about Shows 12% growth.


he added: "Of this number, 872 patients are hospitalized in intensive care units, which is an increase of about six percent compared to the previous week."

Dr. Zali continued: "The total number of patients who have referred as outpatients in the last 24 hours is about 3,500, because usually on holidays, visits to health centers are less than normal days."

he noted that in the last 24 hours, 272 Cronian patients have been discharged from hospitals, noting that the number of hospitalizations and intensive care units has increased compared to the previous week.


Dr. Zali added: "It seems that this week we have to wait for a negative balance between the discharge rate and the admission rate." he reminded: in the last 24 hours, the number of newly admitted patients has increased compared to the discharged patients.

Dr. Zali, stating that Tehran province is considered the yellow city of Corona according to the indicators, said: In Nowruz, Tehran is mainly the source of travel and perhaps the highest number of Nowruz trips will be allocated to Tehran. Recent studies have shown that weekends over the past month have usually been between 27% and 33% of the origin of intercity trips in Tehran province, and therefore this number may increase during the Nowruz holiday.


He considered the fact that Tehran is mainly the source of Nowruz trips and is less of a destination as a source of concern and added: "Usually, Tehranians choose different cities and provinces for their trips, and so far 28 provinces of the country." They are definitely infected with the mutated virus.

Dr. Zali, stating that we have witnessed the earliest infection in Tehran province, said: "If we leave aside Tehran and Khuzestan provinces as the highest percentage of mutated virus input and output, West and Central Azerbaijan are among the provinces that have a percentage." They have high levels of the mutated virus, partly due to laboratory conditions and sequencing tests.


he added: "Therefore, we are definitely facing the bitter scenario that the mutated virus has circulated throughout the country, and we hope that the Nowruz trips will not be such that it will cause problems in this recurrence and the resistant strains."

Date Release : 2021/07/03
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