COVID19 Molecular Test


The Covid-19 molecular test must be performed by a qualified laboratory approved by the competent authorities, and a positive test result for SARS-CoV-2 confirms the diagnosis of Covid-19.

Lavazieh Pathobiology and Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory, after obtaining the necessary approvals from competent authorities, including the assistance chancellor of the University and the Laboratory Affairs of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, the Health Reference Laboratory and the Pasteur Institute of Iran, has obtained a license to perform CoVID-19 molecular test (CoVID-19) and The laboratory is listed as a "New Coronavirus Molecular Detection Laboratory (CoVID-19)".

This test can be done daily and all steps of the work can be performed according to the latest national and international instructions with the best level of accuracy and speed.


The health of the clients and the observance of safety principles are so important for us that Lavazieh laboratory has considered a completely separate space for the clients applying for COVID-19 test so that the acceptance and sampling of COVID-19 test on the first floor of No. 774 and Other tests are performed in the former laboratory space located at No. 776.

Lavazieh Pathobiology and Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory has expanded its in-person services with the aim of maintaining home quarantine and breaking the COVID-19 transmission chain, while maintaining the highest and most stable level of safety and health. In this regard, the health of all Lavazieh laboratory personnel is checked daily and our colleagues will use special clothes, masks and disposable gloves during their service to you.


We recommend that you do not delay your tests or health exams under any circumstances and use the in-person reception, sampling and answering services with peace of mind.


Dear passengers, consider the flights:


24-48 hours before the flight to perform the test and obtain valid approval from Lavazia Laboratory.


The required documents for acceptance of Lavazieh Laboratory for COVID-19 molecular test are as follows:

- Copy of national card

- Copy of passport

- Copy of flight ticket (electronic ticket)

- Complete the relevant information form


You can also contact the laboratory phone number 77891717 ext. 205 or 206 to get more information to contact the Lavazia Covid department. 



Your health is our wish