Welcome to Lavazieh Laboratory of Pathobiology and Molecular Diagnosis, We are very proud that you have chosen Lavazieh Laboratory to follow your diagnosis and treatment.


We understand the value of this choice and together with all the staff of this collection, we try to provide unique and high quality services in a calm and different environment from other laboratories that are worthy of you, dear clients.

In Lavazieh Laboratory, above all, the quality of services provided to patients is of the highest priority because your health is our first and last goal.





Lavazieh Pathobiology Laboratory was established in 1972 in Vozara Street, Tehran and In 1991, with the cooperation of a number of university faculty members, it was moved to Resalat Square, one of the most important centers in East Tehran.


We have always tried to use the experience and knowledge of great people such as the living memory of Dr. Naser Maleknia to raise the scientific and practical level of the laboratory.

This laboratory has been created in a special space of about 500 square meters of medical diagnostic laboratory. In creating this space, trying to provide an attractive and pleasant atmosphere for staff and esteemed clients by considering the existing standards.

Lavazieh Laboratory has departments of Molecular Diagnosis, Immunohistochemistry, Pathology, Hormonology, Hematology, Immunology and Serology, General and Specific Biochemistry, Microbiology, Urine Biochemistry and Parasitology In addition to providing routine laboratory services, several specialized tests are also provided.

Experienced technical staff has been used to achieve the above goal.

At present, over 50 university staff with different degrees, including laboratory science associate, expert, master, doctor of laboratory sciences and doctorate, are working in this center. These people have passed several courses related to their specialized fields inside and outside the country in order to be effective in providing better services to dear patients.

In order to achieve the goals of the founders of the laboratory in providing dedicated services with the desired quality, a significant investment has been made in the laboratory equipment sector. Obviously, in order to provide quality services, in addition to the need for modern equipment and experienced manpower, the role of consumables and kits used is of particular importance. 

The most important indicator in choosing laboratory kits in this laboratory is their optimal quality. To achieve this goal, some kits are purchased directly from overseas companies.

The use of Vacutainer system for sampling and disposable equipment in the laboratory has helped to improve the quality.