Molecular detection


Molecular Detection Department

The molecular department of Lavazieh Laboratory, using molecular detection methods, advanced devices as well as experienced personnel, performs all tests in accordance with modern standards in various infectious and non-infectious diseases in the field of diagnosis.

Allocation of suitable space and modern and advanced equipment for molecular tests and special measures to prevent possible errors are among the most important measures taken for the work of this department.

Molecular techniques:

* Extraction of DNA and RNA and preparation of cDNA

* PCR ، RFLP-PCR and PCR-Sequencing

* Real time-PCR

* PCR-Hybridization


List of molecular detection tests:

Molecular tests of infectious diseases
Tumor molecular tests
Molecular tests of non-infectious diseases


1- Respiratory viral panel (upper)



2- Respiratory bacterial & fungal panel



3- Viral, bacterial & fungal meningitis panel



4- Sexually transmitted infections panel



5- Molecular panel examining 33 common blood translocations



6- Tumorogenetic molecular panel



7- Sepsis & antibiotic resistancy panel ( bacterial/fungal)



8- Detection of Enteric bacteria & parasite causing diarrhea (GI panel)



9- Multiple hereditary factors for thrombophilia & cardiovascular diseases panel