What you need to know about menstrual cup ...

The key to women's health


Around the world, depending on the culture, different methods are used to maintain menstrual health, including the use of reusable fabrics, disposable pads, disposable tampons and menstrual cups, which is an up-to-date tool.

Use a menstrual cup during menstruation:

This small device is made of medical silicone, rubber or plastic and has a tab for easy insertion and removal. When this device enters the vagina, the cup is placed on the cervix and prevents blood from leaving the body during menstruation.



Menstrual cups contain up to 30 cc on average, and a person must remove and empty the cup twice a day, wash it thoroughly, and use it again.

The use of menstrual cups in the world is safe and it has been confirmed that various companies have started to produce this product, and the possibility of using it several times has made menstrual cups more economical than other disposable health products.

In various studies, on average, 40 to 90% of women are satisfied with the use of menstrual cups. Also, according to research, about 20% of women may not feel comfortable using this product and have trouble using it.


Disadvantages of using this product:


* Accurate placement of the menstrual cup must be done with great care and sometimes learning it requires several months of experience.

* Also, in some cases, a handful of complications such as severe infection called toxoid shock syndrome and renal hydronephrosis have been reported due to the use of this product. Of course, complications such as pain in the early days, difficulty in removing the cup and allergies in the vaginal area are also seen, which are more common than the previous two cases.



* These cups do not contain a large amount of bleeding, so menstrual cups are limited for people who have heavy bleeding, as well as people who use an IUD (a contraceptive device that is inserted into the uterus). The IUD thread may become stuck in the cup and cause the person problems, to the point that they may even require medical intervention.


Of course, for people who are sensitive to the use of sanitary pads, it can be a good option.


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